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Our Team 

We are a family-run business, headed by Auggie Maya with additional support by JoAnn Bruns.  Our kids also are part of our team and help.  You may see them as we cut your grass or shovel your snow.  We also employ our seasonal work crew to complete the job. 


Auggie has over 12 years of experience in landscaping.      

Call him at (608) 481-1576


JoAnn helps take care of the behind-the-scenes stuff but can also be seen wielding a snow shovel.  

Call her at (608) 247-8988

Auggie has been in the business for over 10 years now.  He got his start with his brother, Mario, as he pioneered the landscaping path for not only his own business but quickly taught his other three brothers about landscaping.  Auggie worked and learned alongside Mario for three years in Aurora, IL before moving to Beloit and sprouting his own business.  All three brothers in Aurora continue with their busy businesses to this day.


At that time, Auggie and his friend opened under the name "A and V Landscaping" and served the state-line for about 5 years as a part-time business.  In 2017, we opened  full-time under the new name, "Maya-Bruns Landscaping" and continue to grow and serve the state-line.  


We look forward to continued expansion and hope to serve you in the future!

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